Multi-Room Audio & Video Distribution

Multi Room Audio Distribution


A discrete integrated music system allows you to enjoy your music collection or streaming services such as Spotify, Apple music Tidal in any room of your home via simple to use, intuitive apps. Audio coverage can be tailored to the requirement of each room individually or all rooms can be synchronised to play the same thing ensuring, you enjoy audio evenly throughout your building.

Our installers will position your speakers for optimum performance - whether fitted flush in the ceiling, mounted on the floor or even using ‘invisible’ speakers hidden within the walls.

Multi Room Video Distribution

TV and Video distribution gives you the ability to watch what you want, where you want. Whether that’s watching your favorite film, enjoying satellite TV or even using your games console, we make it easy. With all wires and equipment hidden (in your basement, storage room etc) you can have all the content that you require in any room of house, without any clutter.

We can provide 4K picture quality throughout your home and enjoy multiple video sources such as Free-view, SKY Q, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Blu Ray and many more.