Our Vision

To be the electrical installation and maintenance contractor of choice to clients throughout London and beyond. We will achieve this through our reliable superior contracting services creating mutually rewarding relationships in our client’s assets.


As a business we always strive to:

  • Explore procedures to improve our business

  • Pursue and fulfill our customer’s requirements

  • Enhance our capabilities

  • Operate with high moral and business ethics

  • Treat people with dignity and respect

  • Operate with a constancy of purpose

  • Maintain a shareholder mindset in conducting the affairs of our business.


Sustainability is one of our top priorities here at

SUPREME ELECTRICAL. To secure our future we ensure that materials are efficiently used, and where applicable we do not over purchase on our projects. We consider the environmental impacts that occur in the places that we purchase our materials. All packaging (where applicable) and all white good taken from our client’s homes will be recycled


Our focus on waste comes with three benefits.

It excessively reduces the price of our work: Too often other electrical contractors overestimate their need of a material and order an excess to make sure they have enough.


Waste reduction provides material for future projects: Many construction materials can be reused or recycled.


It greatly reduces the amount of waste going into landfills: The EPA has estimated that waste from construction accounts for up to 40% of the nation’s waste.